Hello world!

For years I’ve wanted to blog.  You know, really talk to the world, especially since when I’m talking at home, my kids and husband seem only to hear every third word!  This blog will be fun, light hearted, and honest.  I will open up about sending a kid to college, caddy baseball moms, 6 AM wrestling tournaments, and all of life’s crazy in between moments.  And yes, there will be times when I just simply will tell you Bless Your Heart, and we’ll keep right on truckin!  I can’t wait to put my sarcasm, dismay, and general life observations on the page.  Come join me.  Let’s laugh together, occasionally cry together, and talk about this crazy life we are all trying to figure out.


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I'm a Christian mom and wife, former journalist, and southern girl. I love monograms, sweet tea, and saying yes ma'am and ya'll.

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