Who’s the Bully Now?

I’m so heated right now that I’m just going to jump in.  I rarely speak my mind publicly about politics or my positions because I believe that the voting booth is a very private and personal place.  Who and what I vote for is my business, and mine alone.  My political views shouldn’t affect my ability to be friends with someone, work for someone, or be a leader.  I am adult enough to respect all views and positions, and understand that that is the point of a democracy.  But I’m going to be honest.  Today I am angry.  I have sat back and watched people jump on soap boxes since the campaigning for President began.  It seems when the crowd doesn’t get leverage on one issue, they quickly jump on to another one.  Well today I have had enough.

I’m going to start with education first.  Electoral college vs Popular vote.  I want you guys to put on your thinking caps for just a minute.  Think about the size of California versus the size of Rhode Island.  Please tell me why the voice of one state is more important than another.  The forefathers understood that some areas would be more populated than others, but they felt like that shouldn’t make the voice of one state more important than another.  Why should what California think matter more than what Rhode Island thinks?  Are those people somehow more important?  Hence the Electoral College which gives every state an equal voice in the election process.

Now that we have that cleared up, we can maybe accept the fact that the Electoral College speaks for the ENTIRE country.  The people have spoken.  You may not like it, but the people have spoken.  They voted for Donald Trump.  No amount of dancing in vagina costumes, ripping down monuments, or rioting in the streets is going to stop that.  Donald Trump is the President of the United States of America, and he is going to do the things he promised his voters he would do.

You know what I find interesting?  Unemployment is down.  More people have jobs and can support their families.  Trump has enacted historic tax reform.  He has strengthened NATO by getting NATO allies to contribute $12 billion toward our collective security.  There are other positives I could list, but I won’t bore the haters with them.  Here’s my real beef.  The haters are hypocrites.  First, you condemn the man for using profanity, yet you yourselves describe the Commander in Chief using vulgarity.  You jump from agenda to agenda, and refuse to defend your position when asked about it publicly.  And now?  Well now, I’m beyond annoyed.  I’m outraged.

Today you decided to pitch a temper tantrum because you are not getting your way.  President Donald Trump has decided to put Americans first, and deport illegal immigrants, and you’re mad.  So you have decided to hold the military hostage until Trump backs down.  So here we are again.  You’ve stuck you thumb in your mouth, stomped your foot, and decided that if we don’t play the game so that you win, then everyone suffers.  Congress, are you stopping your own pay?  Of course not.  Congress, is your government shut down keeping illegal immigrants from buying groceries or paying their bills?  Of course not.  You liberal, hissy fit throwing, agenda makers are quite literally throwing the very men and women who defend your right to be a opinionated horse’s ass under the bus.  Find a new pony to ride.  Go to a different circus.  Answer our questions when we ask you WHY the lives of immigrants are more important than the lives of Americans.  I guess now we should ask you why the lives of American soldiers are less important  than the lives of illegal immigrants.  Why Congressmen?  Please tell me why my husband won’t have money for rent simply because he decided to defend our country, yet a non tax paying, non American illegal immigrant will get the red carpet rolled out for him.  And furthermore, why should soldiers go on defending your freedoms when they are the first to be bullied?  I’m going to say it.  The left is quick to call our President a bully, but today they have proven that they are the bullies.  They have proven that they will do anything to win, even hold American soldiers hostage until their demands are met.

You say you are for the people.  I would like to know what people you are actually for.  Soldiers are court martailed if they don’t show up to work.  Yet we don’t have to pay them if we get our panties in a bunch?  So left, how does this make you the good guys?  I don’t see our President threatening to punish soldiers if he doesn’t get his way.  In fact, I don’t see him threatening any Americans.  He simply wants the Americans to be a priority.  I’m sorry, but today the left showed their true colors.  You still feel good about yourselves?  If so, can you call my friend, Alison, who’s husband is deployed without pay?  Or maybe you can call my friend, Chris and tell her why she just had to give birth to her baby girl ALONE while her husband sits in a sandbox without pay.  And why?  Because Congress is mad they aren’t getting their way.  Shame on you.  Shame on you all.  Shut your mouths.  Trump didn’t just vote to take my husband’s pay.  Who’s the bully now?

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